I’m a cartoonist, musician and web developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I’m now living in Seattle, US of A.

Currently, I'm uploading (almost) every monday a new page of Autobiographer, a comic I do with Federico Reggiani that you can start reading here.

There's also some other comics and, every once in a while, a drawing. You can buy some mins, too.

My e-mail is fran@fran-lopez.com. You can also find me on instagram and twitter.

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Autobiographer: Photocopies – 54

Lighting strikes again:

Also, if you happen to be in Buenos Aires, Federico Reggiani is going to be “presenting” the Autobiographer book, with two very dear friends presenting their own books, this Friday. Maybe if there’s wi-fi there I’ll try to skype into the event and talk to whoever wants to talk to me?

June 16, 6 pm to 8 pm. Robot Negro: Galería Apolo (Av. Corrientes 1382, Locales 18-19).