I Don’t Have Problems Anymore: 1.3

In case you were wondering, yes, that was a real TV show. It’s title can be translated as “The Clan’s Club”, and it makes as little sense in Spanish as it does in English.
I guess it had a certain ring to it that felt youthful and modern (words that, around those days, were starting to mean “english”). It might not be necessary to to explain this, but just in case: in Argentina, the word “Clan” doesn’t have the connotations it has in the USA.

Next week we’ll learn more about Argentinean TV in the 60’s: everybody’s favorite topic!

I Don’t Have Problems Anymore – 1.1

tejedoras_1_01_en tejedoras_1_02_en tejedoras_1_03_en

So, it starts here. I once heard someone mention something in passing and I thought there was a story somewhere there. Then I spent years trying to figure out exactly what that story was.

Earlier this year I was working an office job. I’d usually bike to the office (downhill) and walk back home (uphill). It was a 30 minute walk that I’d sometimes break by stopping at a café where I’ll try to draw or write, with mixed results. One of those days I sat down with my americano and a semi-disappointing chocolate chip cookie and wrote the whole outline for this comic in about 25 minutes.

Since then, I’ve quit that job and moved out of that apartment, but I do still get disappointed when I have a not-so-great cookie and I’ve kept the outline for this comic pretty much the same.
See you next Wednesday!

I Don’t Have Problems Anymore: Chapter 1

Hi everyone (and by everyone I mean those 5 of you that seem to actually visit this website: I love you and you’re gorgeous). I’m doing this new comic and I’m very happy with it. Starting next week, I’ll be posting a couple of pages here every Wednesday.

I’ve actually finished the first chapter and, if you’d rather read it all in one seating, you can buy the floppy.


Buenos Aires, 1962. The military has forced the previous president to resign and Peronism is still banned, but it doesn’t really matter: Estela and Norma are about to discover their favorite pop star.

Anyway, see you next week!