I Don’t Have Problems Anymore: Chapter 1

Hi everyone (and by everyone I mean those 5 of you that seem to actually visit this website: I love you and you’re gorgeous). I’m doing this new comic and I’m very happy with it. Starting next week, I’ll be posting a couple of pages here every Wednesday.

I’ve actually finished the first chapter and, if you’d rather read it all in one seating, you can buy the floppy.


Buenos Aires, 1962. The military has forced the previous president to resign and Peronism is still banned, but it doesn’t really matter: Estela and Norma are about to discover their favorite pop star.

Anyway, see you next week!


I’ve been living in Seattle for over 3 months and the sound of the crows still cracks me up, every time.


Autobiographer: Photocopies


Starting next monday, I’ll be a posting here an English translation of the weekly comic I’ve been doing with Federico Reggiani. Since we’re about to start a new, self-contained iteration of the series, we thought now would be a good starting point.

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve started drawing Autobiographer, a (usually) weekly comic written by Federico Reggiani, that comes out every monday, on Historietas Reales (the site is all in spanish, but still worth a look if you’re curious enough). We’re still not sure what it means to Fede to have someone else draw his autobiography (the abstraction of having someone else represent your self-representation) or, for that matter, what it means to me to have someone else “write” my own autobiography.
The series has already gone through four storylines. In the first one, we got into trouble with a seemingly immortal megalomaniac. In the second one, a midget and a centipede used our lives to discuss the nature of series and variation. In the third one, we kept on having breakfasts, and in the fourth one, we kept on dying. Autobiographer has always been an exercise on truth and reality. We have no idea what will happen in the new one, we’ll have to wait for life to unfold at it’s vertiginously slow velocity.

I guess all the background information you need to know is that Federico lives in La Plata (Argentina) and I just moved to Seattle (USA), but who knows if that’s actually important.
See you next week!

Sort of like dancing

I’ve practiced Judo for a long time. I should’ve been around 10 when I stared and about 22 when I stopped. I took clases on a neighborhood dojo, in Villa del Parque (in Buenos Aires), with Roque Ficara sensei, who used to put the classes together with his wife, Estela. All very charming people.
I did this comic in 2013, I guess as a way to try and capture a bit of that little world. Since then I’ve been thinking of taking up Judo again.

01 02 03

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To play the major leagues

I printed this one on a mini I did for TCAF 2013. It had no title and a picture of Maradona as a cover. It wasn’t all soccer related.

Translation notes:
“My dream is to play the major league… and to play with the argentinean team and become champion of the world…” is a very famous quote from a very famous interview to a very young Diego Armando Maradona.
“River Plate” is the name of a soccer team.


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