Autobiographer: Photocopies, 44

There’s a book by Sempé titled “Everything is complicated”. At least that’s the English title. The Spanish translation had one more dimension to it, that could roughly be translated as “Everything gets complicated” (or the more direct, but infinitely clumsier: “Everything complicates itself”). I don’t remember what the French title was, so I don’t know which version is more accurate.
Also, translating this comic is hard.

Autobiographer: Photocopies – 40

So, I had to take a short hiatus to finish this other comic (more on that soon), do some work and live a life. You might be wondering how can I have life events that are not portrayed on this comics that you’re reading, right? Well, the answer is simple, my friend: they are. If you can’t read them there, it’s probably your fault. We can’t be responsible for your very poor reading skills. Try harder! We love you.


Autobiographer: Photocopies – 35

So, I haven been able to draw because I had to go to Argentina to visit family, release a record and tour around, get back home and get sick. Also, I had to put together a book with the first 4 or 5 years of Autobiographer, that just came out (in spanish only, sorry)! In the meantime, Fede still had back pains and couldn’t move around. Here’s how he attempts to solve the problem:

auto5_035_en_w auto_tapa

The book