Five little scenes

I’ve been trying to draw a little bit outside of comics, so I’ve been taking a small notebook out every once in a while and spent some time drawing some simple scenes without thinking too much about it.
Here’s some of that:

I haven’t really seen this for a while (I mean, the throwing the pizza pie around as a way to spread it thing). I remember going with my dad to pick pizza up on Saturday nights when I was kid, right when pizza delivery was starting to be a thing but not completely established. I used to think it was amazing, not sure why they stopped doing that. Talking to people in New York I realized it was “cool” there around the same time, and now you don’t really see it anymore. I say we bring it back.

It was super hot when I was drawing this. I never tried doing it, but I bet it feels good.

Home Cleaning Olympics of the future: Bin Full of Old Cellphones Throw.

Even though I always saw “Pump it up” around a lot more, I always felt “Dance Dance Revolution” was such a great name for a video game.

And, to leave on a grim note:

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